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There's a lot of helpful information on this page.
You need to carefully read it and get a full understanding of it. has been live for about a decade (2000).
We've had thousands of Salon listing ads created by sellers like yourself. Search listings here.
We usually have hundreds of salon listing ads at any one given time and we've always got thousands of registered buyers. We usually have lots of accounts created every day.

Our Traffic
We don't have random internet traffic. Most of our traffic is not from buyers of general business-for-sale opportunities. Actually, very little of our traffic includes general-interest business buyers (just looking for businesses for sale of any type).

Our buyer traffic is specific... Very specific. And we have lots of it (each listing ad on our site has it's own stats which sellers can monitor at all times).

It is highly target-marketed traffic consisting almost exclusively of buyers who are specifically looking to buy salons. There is no buyer traffic that is more target-marketed than our's. Period. Until you truly have a full understanding of the importance of getting your salon for sale advertised in front of buyers who are specifically looking to buy a salon, then you're keeping yourself in a low chance of selling.

The Process is Simple and Logical

Create an Account and then Create a Listing Ad.



View existing Listing Ads first.
Look at the hundreds of listing ads on the site already (in almost every state and about 10 nations around the world). Notice how they are written by the owners. Notice which ones are the most impressive. Notice which ones tend to get your attention more. Notice that a common characteristic of the most compelling Listing Ads is that they have financial information which is impressive. Think about that.
Also, did you notice that the first ones that got your attention (and that you probably viewed) are the ones with photos? This is a brand new feature we've recently added. We've tested it off and on over the last couple of years and the effect is that listing ads with photos, assuming they are impressive photos, get much more Buyer traffic than those without. Also notice that they are displayed on the top of the list. To put it bluntly, you're crazy if you don't add photos. They work, and they work well at attracting Buyers.



Create an account.
Without it, you can't advertise your salon for sale. It provides you with everything you need to completely self-manage your account and Listing Advertisement whenever you want.



Create the Listing Advertisement.
These are the steps that you will taken through:




Select the type of salon, the location of it, and enter the contact info for the listing ad.





Select and enter all important salon info. What you write at this point about your salon should be interesting, compelling, and it should have the effect of getting the attention of buyers and engaging to pick up the phone and call you. This is where you "sell". Don't be boring. Be smart and be creative here. It should include info about management/ownership topics, stations, employees, the shop/facility, equipment, and other info.





Financial Info: price, revenue, profitability, lease info, assets info, building/facility info, etc. Strong suggestion: Be accurate here. Buyers quickly lose interest if the financial info is wrong. Think carefully about that.





Add Photos.
This is optional. But as stated above, you're crazy if you don't add photos. They provide a "selling" effect that you cannot achieve without them. Listing Ads with photos get displayed above those without, and consequently, they get much more Buyer viewings traffic.

What's the Cost to Place a Listing Ad?
It's still currently free for a 1-year listing advertisement.
Huh? Nothing is free, right?!
Wrong. After thousands of advertised salons for sale listings over the years, it's still free.

How to Grab the Interest of Buyers

The Asking Price cannot be too much higher than what its actually worth. Huge topic, do your research on the value of salons. Buyers want to know credible numbers (revenue, profitability, lease, building, assets, etc). They want to know what the management of the salon includes. They want to know about what their day-to-day experience would be if they were to purchase your salon. They want to know what assets are included. They want to see it - so add photos. Put simply, the more they can see and read about the Salon, the more it grabs their attention.


Overprice your salon, and you'll get few or no buyer inquiries.
If it is too over-priced, we will remove it. In over 10 years and thousands of listing ads placed, we've only had to remove about 15-20 of them because of over-pricing.


Add photos to your Listing Ad. They create the "picture is worth a thousand words" effect. This is a new feature that we've just added. We've extensively tested it. Listing Ads with photos produce MUCH better results than those without. Most salon buyers are very visual and photos have the effect of engaging buyers and helping them see themselves "in the salon" working on a day-to-day basis. Listing Ads with photos get displayed on the top of the list, above Listing Ads without them.


Be accurate on your financial info. If you're not, it will generally cause buyers to quickly reject it.


Be creative, articulate, use correct grammar and composition. Buyers don't know you or your salon. All they have to go on is the descriptive info you write. If it's poorly composed and lacks professionalism, it reflects on your salon and it tends to make them think that it may be a poorly run operation and they'll often pass on it and go view the next one.

Correct Asking Price, Visually Interesting (photos), Accurate, Professional
There's no sense in creating a Listing Ad if you're not going to attempt to achieve these things because these are what tend to have the best effect in getting buyers interested. After thousands of Salon Listing Ads placed on this site over the past decade, the stats very clearly indicate that sellers who accomplish these things have a much better response with Buyers.

To get started, you'll need to enter your email address and name on the next page and the system will send you an email with a link that you must click on which allows you to proceed with creating a Listing Ad. You cannot proceed without having the link emailed to you and then clicking on it.

Good luck with your sale!

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